The Start of Summer

Hello, everyone!

It’s the first day of June, so that means summer is here.
And with the change of the season, we decided it was time to change our lobby poster.
In the Space Room, most of our activities are done on the computers, but computers are still a little too hard for our youngest students.

So, instead of learning via computer, these students learn different vocabulary words and about different countries through art projects.

This time, the theme for our poster is “Summer Fun at the Beach”!
Other than the base of the poster (which was made by Ms. Kotoe) the students made everything themselves.

They can be seen surfing the waves, snorkeling with the fish, collecting shells on the beach, and fishing on the shore.
20170601_184851 20170601_184839

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to have some fun at the beach!



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